A history of cooperation, partnership and growth.
Some time ago the small producers in the Cerrado Mineiro region, felt left asidde and achieved some benefits offered to medium and large producers.
Usually growing on their property along the lines of family farming, these farmers have diversified cultures, thus producing a lower volume of each product.

In mid 2008, the reality of this class of farmers in the region of Patrocínio, has been modified with the creation of NUCOOPP - Cooperative Core of Small Producers, that were supported and directed attention to their demands provided by the following cooperatives: Expocaccer, COOPA and SICOOB COOPACREDI. Henceforth small producers realized that together they could beat the adversities of the market and, with the support of the unions, Federation of Coffee Growers of Cerrado, SEBRAE and the Municipal Agriculture, could go further so instead of producing individually.
Seeking to export their product, these farmers have identified the need of having a certification of quality thus ensuring the market good agricultural practices and the quality of their coffee itself, and in this context the search for Fairtrade certification (Fairtrade) emerged.

The association was rising slowly, through meetings in rural communities. On October 14, 2010 the name was established and named after APPCER - Association of the Small Producers of the Cerrado.

By uniting the families APPCER is now proud to be part of improving the lives of farmers, the community and also improving the properties and the incessant quest for sustainable production, respecting our land and valuing our people as well.